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Vintage "Olive" Buckets

We’ve all seen advertisements and offers for Authentic Olive Picker buckets that were once used to harvest Turkish olives. These buckets clearly look vintage, as they bear the markings and rust of days gone by. They range in size and style, but the one thing they all have in common is their seller’s claim that these buckets were once used to collect olives, specifically in Turkey.

We love these buckets too, so we thought we would look into their origin a bit deeper. We wanted to understand their “story” and needed to validate that they truly were authentic. We do this with all of our products at Rustic Wall Co. to be certain that vintage products are authentic and crafted products are made from sustainable materials.

What we discovered was very surprising! We could not find any reference that these olive buckets were ever used in Turkey to harvest olives. Different containers were used for that. We also discovered that not all buckets for sale were authentic. In fact, some of these buckets are being mass-produced in China, shipped to Turkey then sold to the US as “found” buckets from Turkey with full vintage pricing.

So, if these buckets were not used for harvesting olives, what was their use? What is their story?

Here is the real story.

These buckets were once used for picking and dipping grapes! These vintage grape baskets were used to collect sultanas, "white" oval seedless grapes that are grown in the Aegean region of Turkey. The grapes were filled into these baskets then gathered in raisin houses. They were then dipped in boiling water to clean and prepare them for the drying process. The perforated bottoms and sides of these metal buckets allow free flow of water (and later, lye) through the fruit during dipping. The grapes were then put in the sun to dry and eventually used to make raisins! …and sometimes, wine!

Vintage Grape Basket Today, many of the vineyards use ‘dip tins’ or plastic dipping buckets. The metal buckets are no longer used, hence, no longer produced for harvesting making the ones collected unique and limited.

We validated that our vintage grape buckets are authentic. Each is unique and has the original screws for the handles. Some have the vineyard stamp that traces back to vineyards in Turkey. And we are happy to state that these buckets are truly authentic and truly once used in Turkey to pick and harvest grapes!

Authentically Yours,
Rustic Wall Co.

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