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Mason Bee Block

Mason Bee Block

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Whether you have fruit trees, a vegetable garden, or flowers, these bees will ensure you get the most out of what you are growing. This bee bock is specifically for mason bees. They do not create their own nesting spaces. They search out any nook that has been left behind by other insects or you. 

Find a place in your yard that will be protected from rain and where the block will get the morning sun. This will ensure that your pollinator is kept dry and the bees wake up earlier, ensuring more flowers are visited. You’ll want to put your bees out during the month of March. The males are the first on the scene, but these are not your key pollinators. They are necessary for reproduction of more female bees (the female can still produce males without fertilization), so be sure to have plants that support their food needs. The females will begin arriving around April, and in the month that follows, you will see the difference these bees will make in your garden.

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