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Rustic Wall Co.® was founded in 2013 by two women who are passionate about preserving our environment and protecting animals. Their vision was simple -- to provide consumers another way to shop for high quality home goods in a way that does not harm our planet. As a result, Rustic Wall Co. offers high quality, handmade, ecologically friendly, and responsibly produced products - all made from recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, natural or organic materials.

Rustic Wall Co. is socially responsible and is certified as a green business. We operate nationally and employ hundreds of artisans worldwide to produce our products in a sustainable manner. We search globally for innovative ways to upcycle, recycle and repurpose items that would otherwise be tossed into a landfill or left to pollute our oceans.

Sustainable Materials

Some of the materials we use for our products include:

  • Repurposed wine and whiskey barrels from California vineyards and Kentucky distilleries.
  • Reclaimed wood from old barns across the USA.
  • Reclaimed timber from 19th century buildings in Europe.
  • Recycled copper.
  • Teak wood from excess material that the logging industry left behind so no new trees are cut down.
  • Acacia wood from ecologically forested trees so no trees are cut down other than what is ecologically permissible.
  • Naturally sustainable bamboo wood.
  • Olive wood from older olive trees that no longer produce olives. Every time an older tree is cut down, another is planted in its place.
  • Recycled metal from wheels of a 1940s freight train.
  • Recycled plastic bottles rescued from landfills.
  • Upcycled bicycle and truck tires. 
Most of our wood products are stained and finished using non-toxic (no polyurethane, no glycol and zero VOC pigments) and environmentally friendly wood stain or eco-friendly dyes and paints then finished with food-safe, natural beeswax and/or mineral oils. The description for each product details the specific materials used for each.

    Green Business Certification

    Rustic Wall Co. is a member of the Green America's Green Business Network ® -- the first, largest, and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country. The Green Business Network® is a program of Green America, the nation's leading non-profit organization working to build a green and just economy.

    Rustic Wall Co. is also certified as a green business. We meet or exceed all of Green America's  standards for social and environmental responsibility for our industry. We are also committed to using our business as a platform for social change and only offer sustainable products. 

    We hope you join us in our mission and support Smart Sustainable Living ® .